30MW Queensland LNG Power Project

A GE Jenbacher J620 gas engineClarke Energy has signed a deal with Australia Pacific LNG to provide a 30MW temporary power plant to their coal seam gas processing plant in Queensland. Clarke Energy to provide 30 MW temporary power station to support operation of Reedy Creek coal seam gas processing facilities

Australia Pacific LNG, a joint venture between Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, is developing an integrated coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project to provide domestic and overseas customers with high quality natural gas. The gas will be sourced at multiple sites within Queensland’s Bowen and Surat Basins, then transported via a 530km pipeline to an LNG facility on Curtis Island off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland.

On the 29th July, 2013, Clarke Energy was awarded the contract to supply electricity to one of the Australia Pacific LNG coal seam gas processing facilities at Reedy Creek in the remote Queensland outback under a Temporary Power Services Agreement. The rental agreement is to design and construct a fully operational temporary power station, with an installed capacity of 30 MWe utilising ten of GE’s high efficiency 3 MWe J620 Jenbacher gas engines, and to fully integrate the electricity generated into the Reedy Creek Gas Processing Facility. This agreement will support a constant power supply, using locally extracted coal seam gas, until the permanent electrical infrastructure is available.

The temporary power station will use Clarke Energy’s modular power station concept in which each gas engine generating set is housed in an individual enclosure. This concept, which has been successfully proven at twelve other sites within Australia since 2006, incorporates many features to facilitate safer operation and maintenance, reliable performance under Australian outback conditions, and incorporation of Australian Standards, local legislation requirements, and oil and gas industry best practices.

The project is due to be commissioned in early 2014 and will operate for twelve months, with an option to extend this term. The power station will be operated and maintained by Clarke Energy’s technicians, with further support available from Clarke Energy’s network of mobile field service technicians and staff already located at nearby sites.

Clarke Energy has extensive experience in the engineering, installation and maintenance of gas generation facilities operating on coal seam gas and other gases derived from new and developing coal mines and existing waste coal mine gas. Currently over 100 such gas engines have been installed on Coal Seam and Coal Mine Gas totaling more than 250 MWe of onsite power generation.

Commenting on the award, Clarke Energy’s Managing Director, Greg Columbus said “as a local South Australian based business, Clarke Energy is proud to be working with Origin Energy on the Australia Pacific LNG project, bringing international knowledge and innovative technology to the facility. Clarke Energy will deliver added value to the Jenbacher product by engineering, installing and maintaining the power station for our customer.”

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