A Jenbacher genset is configured to produce electrical power only, which the Jenbacher unit does at high efficiency. When a unit is in a genset configuration the engine, alternator and other supporting items are located on a skid. Waste heat from the engine would be dissipated in the exhaust gas and via an engine cooling circuit linked to heat dump radiators.

Gensets are most commonly used where there is no local use for the heat and where there is no demand for a cogeneration configuration.

Typical applications for gensets include standby diesel displacementpeaking stations,  landfill sites and coal mines. The generating sets are isolated from the base frame by sylomer strips and the base frame is subsequently isolated from the building foundation by sylomer strips, which combined with a high degree of dynamic balance result in minimal vibration affecting the building. The high dynamic balance of these engines also results in no special foundation requirement other than sufficient load bearing capability and a flat surface.

INNIO Jenbacher J320

INNIO Jenbacher J320

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