Quadgeneration Solutions from Clarke Energy

​Quadgeneration is optimally deployed where there is a local requirement for carbon dioxide. This is common in industries such as the carbonated drink or food manufacturing sectors.

CO2 is recovered to food and drink grade standards, typically with amine-wash based technology.

Quadgeneration Solutions from Clarke Energy

Find out how CHP integrates with industrial customers factories to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Clarke Energy’s solutions have been successfully deployed in a wide range of environments including; Universities, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings and Data Centres.

Benefits of Quadgeneration

  • Potential for low or zero carbon emissions
  • Reduced operational costs versus separate purchase of electricity, heat, cooling and carbon dioxide.
  • Uses all potential resources from gas utilisation
  • Has a wide range of potential applications

    CO2 Uses in Quadgeneration

    Carbon dioxide can be used for a number of purposes including:

    • As a growth enhancer in plants
    • Food industry
    • Industrial processes

    Carbon dioxide recovered and scrubbed from gas engines is widely used in the horticultural industry, most notably in greenhouses across the Netherlands. Here the exhaust gas is scrubbed using the Codinox system and is pumped into the greenhouses. This carbon dioxide is used by the plants in photosynthesis and physically becomes part of the plant, hence removing it from the atmosphere and reducing carbon emissions.

    Alternatively carbon dioxide can be scrubbed and cleaned then used as a substance for drinks and food manufacture, such as carbonation in the soft drinks industry, or other industrial processes. Quadgeneration not only provides the benefits of high efficiency generation, utilising over 90% of the energy contained within the gas, it also utilises carbon dioxide, a by-product of the combustion process to give the highest levels of environment performance and offers the potential for zero carbon emissions.

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    CHP Applications

    A variety of different fuels can be used to facilitate cogeneration. In gas engine applications CHP equipment is typically applied to:


    Clarke Energy is able to facilitate in the engineering and supply of quadgeneration plants based around the Jenbacher gas engine. Please speak to your local Clarke Energy sales office to discuss your specific requirements.

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