Energy Resilience

Energy Resilience

Resilience for essential services such as hospitals, manufacturers, data centres and the electricity grid is an important topic in an uncertain world. Numerous unexpected occurrences, such as epidemics, severe weather and electricity grid failures can provide challenges to various sectors. Self-generation of electricity, heat and cooling can be achieved using captive power plants. These are power generators located close to the site of use.

Captive power plants can provide either continuous power or used as a reserve or back-up power source.

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Gas engines can be fuelled by numerous low-carbon or renewable fuels including natural gas, biogas, biomethane or hydrogen. This can be transported by highly reliable pipeline, or for full security stored locally as compressed or liquified gas.

Gas engines generate electricity, also heat from the engines can be recovered with combined heat and power technology as hot water or steam for local use. Heat can also be converted into cooling, using absorption chillers for refrigeration or air conditioning.

Gas engines can also support the resilience of the electricity network itself, supporting voltage and frequency stability. Gas fuelled peaking stations can provide rapid dispatchable power. These are deployed to help balance demand and supply related to intermittent renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, or due to the unexpected shut down of other power generation sources.

Gas engine power plants can be controlled remotely and can dispatch power at the click of a button.

The modular nature of the engine systems allows rapid on-site installation and commissioning over a wide range of plant sizes and configurations.

Clarke Energy provide full, turnkey design and build solutions for our customers along with integration into a customer’s facilities.

Clarke Energy’s project management team act as the Principal Contractors and Designers and oversee the process from design through to installation and commissioning, all in accordance with CDM regulations.


Additional Support

Clarke Energy provide additional support to the customer including

–              Technical Information to support planning applications

–              Design Information to support electrical and gas connections

–              Emissions and noise data

–              Optimal engine configuration assistance

Essential to supporting resilience is service, both conducting scheduled maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and during unexpected trips or shutdowns. Our field service teams, and flexible maintenance packages are here to support the running of our customer’s assets.



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