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Gas engine maintenance typically falls into two key categories; scheduled and unscheduled.

Scheduled Maintenance

In order to ensure a generator has the highest levels of availability, scheduled maintenance should be completed at specific points in the operational life of the gas engine. The operational life is measured in number of actual operational hours (hours run). Each engine has a specific maintenance schedule that is be related to the quality of engine’s fuel gas. For example, natural gas is cleaner and less challenging than landfill or biogas. Attendance for replacement of consumables such as oil and filters typically occur every 1,000 – 2,000 operational hours. Scheduled intermediate services occur at 10,000-hour intervals.


Finally, the Jenbacher gas engine has a full overhaul at 60,000 hours of operation. At the 60,000-hour overhaul ideally the engine will be taken away from the site to be stripped down and fully serviced with specialised machinery. This either occurs at the authorised rebuild centre in Liverpool, UK or Jenbach, Austria depending upon the geographical location of the unit. If we are provided enough notice, a reconditioned swing engine can be brought in at the corresponding time for the engine overhaul. This provides the lowest down-time for your generation plant. Alternatively, where it is not possible to remove the engine, it can be overhauled in situ. This is not an ideal situation and will take longer than using a swing-engine.

Unscheduled Maintenance

The Jenbacher gas engine product is renowned for its reliability, however from time to time there will be a need for unscheduled maintenance. This could be due to trips, problems with the fuel gas quality or problems with components. The best solution to counter any unscheduled maintenance is to ensure your gas meets the Jenbacher technical instruction for fuel gas quality and support this with a full maintenance agreement with Clarke Energy. It is also possible to set up remote monitoring of your Jenbacher gas generation facility. Remote monitoring enables you to monitor performance of your generator and to be notified via text message or e-mail about trips or unplanned shutdowns.


When your engine is overhauled it may be possible to upgrade all components to the latest versions. This may provide additional benefits to the customer from increased generating efficiency. Please speak to your local Clarke Energy office to determine whether there are any upgrades available for your generation equipment.


Business Ethos – Service at the heart

Clarke Energy is committed to delivering the highest levels of after-sales support to our customers. Our view is the highest levels of equipment availability supports the highest levels of return on investment for our customers.

We achieve this by having accountable local service teams, in country OEM-approved spare parts, remote monitoring and diagnostics and local commissioning teams.

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