Jenbacher Standard Containerised Unit

The Jenbacher container is a high-quality unit which can be deployed where economical and speedy installation is required. The Jenbacher containers are fully tested when they leave the production facility and are excellent for ‘plug-and-play’ applications. The overall compact design ensures a space saving installation with service-orientated accessibility.

The units arrive as two components:

The roof skid is mounted and connected to the container on site. The unit is then connected to the gas supply, electricity export point, heat circuits and earthing mats and is ready to start producing power. Containerised solutions can be rapidly disassembled and redeployed elsewhere when required. They are therefore an attractive option for companies seeking finance as the generating asset is readily transferrable. The Jenbacher type 2, 3 and 4 engine gensets and modules are all available in containerised form.

½ ISO – 20 ft ISO – 40 ft 40 ft
Width (metres) 2.5 2.5 3.0
Jenbacher 208 x
Jenbacher 312 x
Jenbacher 316 x
Jenbacher 320 x
Jenbacher 412 x x
Jenbacher 416 x x
Jenbacher 420 x x

Typical Container Applications

Gas engine containers are used for a wide variety of different applications and depends upon the specific requirements of your project. Particularly where projects require rapid deployment or removal. They are particularly popular where gas availability may vary over time, such as a landfill site. Here the gas production peaks after the closure of the landfill. They are also widely used for biogas applications where the most economical, sound attenuated units are preferred.  They can then be transferred to another site.  They are also popular with financiers as they provide the most readily movable and saleable asset from the perspective of project finance.

Customised Gas Engine Containers

Where there are specific customer requirements which differ from the standard container, Clarke Energy can offer customised container versions. Customised versions may require a more stringent level of sound attenuation, a specific size or configuration not covered by the standard units.

Please contact your local Clarke Energy office to discuss your requirements.

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