Gas Engine Applications

Gas engines can operate on a range of different gaseous fuels. Different applications of gas engines have different benefits to our customers and the wider world.

Depending upon the configuration, gas and application along with what the prevailing energy mix is for the local electricity grid gas engines can deliver or support:

  • Renewable electricity and heat
  • Renewable electricity enablement
  • Grid balancing
  • Emissions avoidance
  • Carbon dioxide or methane emission reduction
  • Sustainable waste treatment
  • Resilience
  • Onsite power
  • Energy and resource efficiency

Biogas from Waste

Biogas from Agriculture

Sewage Gas

Landfill Gas

Special Gases

Coal Gas

Associated Petroleum Gas

Gas Peaking Stations

Greenhouse Applications

Liquid/Compressed Natural Gas

Natural Gas Cogeneration / CHP

Data Centres

Any Further Questions?

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