Clarke Energy Offer Global Battery Energy Storage System Solutions, Enhancing Renewable Energy Utilisation

Clarke Energy prides itself on offering global energy solutions; including Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). For BESS requirements, partnering with Clarke Energy allows customers to enhance their utilisation of renewable energy, establish a reliable backup power source, decrease their environmental impact, and realise significant cost savings.

Clarke Energy UK has partnered with Field to break ground with the construction of a 40MWh site at its Newport battery storage site in South Wales, signalling a significant step towards the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy supply. With contracts signed, the Newport site is on track to be operational in the third quarter of 2024, further enhancing the clean energy landscape.

The decision to collaborate with Clarke Energy for the Newport project was based on our extensive track record in delivering complex global energy solutions and our exemplary project management expertise. Having successfully executed over AUD5.5 billion worth of projects worldwide, and with more than 8GWe delivered in gas-fired generation, combined heat and power, back-up power, microgrids, biomethane injection, hydrogen generation, and battery storage, Clarke Energy’s experience and proven capabilities made us a natural choice for supporting renewable energy ambitions. Notably, Clarke Energy Australia also possesses the expertise to deliver similar requirements in Australia and the South Pacific, complementing the success of Clarke Energy UK in this endeavour, with 120 Australian based staff including teams of electrical, mechanical and controls engineers, draftspeople, and project delivery personnel, all focused on power generation solutions.

Clarke Energy Australasia’s Sales and Business Development Director, Michael Jones, extends his congratulations to the UK team and eagerly anticipates replicating their remarkable achievements.
“We are proud of the Clarke Energy UK team and their ability to deliver successful renewable energy projects. Clarke Energy Australia is fully equipped to meet the same demands in Australia and the South Pacific, and we are committed to contributing our expertise to achieve the same success.”

Clarke Energy’s battery energy storage systems play an essential role in integrating and accelerating renewable energy deployment. By effectively balancing energy supply with demand, these energy storage solutions significantly enhance the efficiency of renewable sources, allowing optimal renewable energy penetration into the energy network. These systems can operate autonomously, support services to the electricity grid, or can be integrated with power generation in hybrid energy systems or microgrid schemes, highlighting their versatility and effectiveness.

Clarke Energy specialises in delivering complex energy solutions, supported by comprehensive after-sales service. Our collaboration with various battery energy storage system assemblers allows us to offer diverse solutions, from grid-connected energy storage plants to behind the meter hybrid or microgrid applications.

Our flexible approach enables us to seamlessly integrate instantaneous battery response with the longevity of a gas engine, balancing the equation with renewable power generation for complete site optimisation.

The Newport battery storage project is not only a testament to Clarke Energy’s commitment to clean energy but also a testament to our global expertise that enables Clarke Energy Australia to replicate this success by delivering similar requirements in Australia and the South Pacific.

To find out more about Clarke Energy’s battery energy storage systems, contact us today.

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