Major 60,000 Hour Engine Overhaul Completed at The University of Liverpool’s Energy Centre

Congratulations to our friends at The University of Liverpool (UoL) for celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their bespoke design and built energy centre, at the campus in Liverpool city centre.

In 2009, following an in-depth feasibility study, the UoL decided to move their gas turbine plant to a new location and install a gas engine at a newly built energy centre. Clarke Energy were contracted to engineer, install and maintain a 3.4MWe Jenbacher J620 gas engine within the new boiler house. The engine has since provided base-load electricity, along with heat for the whole of the campus.

The boiler house at the energy centre was designed with easy access in mind for any future engine servicing requirements. Once the engine had completed it’s full 60,000 hour life cycle, a scheduled major overhaul was undertaken by Clarke Energy, which was carefully planned with UoL to provide the lowest down time for the plant as possible. The overhaul was completed at Clarke Energy’s newly refurbished Overhaul and Repair Centre in Knowsley. As planned, the Jenbacher was back and running at the energy centre within the agreed 2-week period.

Peter Birch – University Engineering Services Manager commented:

“Since 2009, the engine has run in excess of 8,000 hours per year and provided high levels of availability exceeding 92%. We look forward to many more years of working together with Clarke Energy”

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