Prime Ministerial Trade Delegation to Africa

Clarke Energy is being represented during this week’s Prime Ministerial visit to the African continent. Alex Marshall, Group Marketing and Compliance Director of Clarke Energy is joining British Prime Minister Theresa May’s visits to the African nations of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. The visit will be focusing on encouraging international trade with the continent.

Alex Marshall

Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“I’m delighted that Clarke Energy is joining me on this visit, representing the Northern Powerhouse on the global stage. I want this trip to show off the world-leading technology, services and expertise that the UK has to offer.

Clarke Energy’s success overseas is a perfect example of how Northern businesses are poised to take advantage of the growing opportunities in emerging markets and boost their international reach.”

Clarke Energy has been working in Africa since 1998 when the company was granted the rights to distribute the Jenbacher gas engine product in Nigeria.

Clarke Energy’s first sales into the continent occurred in 2002. Persistence and a long term view have proved important factors in the company’s success on the continent.

Clarke Energy has grown in Africa both organically and through acquisitive growth, serving 16 African nations from 4 regional hub offices in Lagos, Johannesburg, Dar es Salaam and Tunis.

Across the continent Clarke Energy has now supplied over 640 MW of power generation equipment and employ around 180 people in Africa.

Clarke Energy’s team is delighted to have been invited to join the Prime Minister as a guest on this trade delegation.

Africa is a continent with a series of important markets for our business.

The stops on this trade delegation; Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are all important markets for the company.

South Africa is the headquarters of Clarke Energy’s African operations and is host to novel projects, particularly those using gas from the countries many furnaces for localised power.

Nigeria is our largest market and the location of 100 of our employees. We will be releasing an announcement this week with respect to a major investment we are making in Lagos alongside our sister company Kohler SDMO.

Kenya is the site of the Gorge Farm project Africa’s largest grid connected biogas plant, located at Lake Naivasha, developed for another British company, Tropical Power.

Clarke Energy will be releasing a series of stories this week in relationship to the African continent in particular Rwanda, Nigeria and Algeria.

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