Sydney Central Park district energy scheme reduces carbon emissions using tri-generation

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: Clarke Energy has secured sales to expand the award winning Central Park district energy scheme in Sydney, New South Wales.

  • Clarke Energy to supply an additional 1.1MWe of gas-fuelled generation capacity to expand the existing installation at Central Park in Sydney
  • The tri-generation plant will enable Central Park to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%, equivalent to 190,000 tonnes over the 25 year plant life
  • The facility will deliver capital cost and up to 20% energy efficiency savings than if the individual buildings had procured their own facilities

Clarke Energy has been commissioned by Total Construction to supply a second GE gas engine for the Central Park district energy scheme. The project involved the construction of a new two level basement plant building which generates hot and chilled water for the Central Park precinct, as well as its own electricity with a natural gas fuelled engine. The site will be the largest urban development in Australia to introduce on-site tri-generation for power, heating and cooling or commonly known as combined cooling heat and power (CCHP).

Sydney Central Park Trigeneration Scheme

Sydney Central Park Trigeneration Scheme

Sydney Central Park gas engine being positioned

Gas engine being positioned at Sydney Central Park’s trigeneration scheme

Total Construction won the 2014 award for ‘Best Cogeneration or District Energy Project’ for the Central Thermal Plant (CTP) in central Sydney. The National Energy Industry Awards are Australia’s highest profile awards for energy efficiency and excellence in performance, leadership and innovation in the sector.

Clarke Energy is supplying a second of GE’s J416 gas engines with an electrical output of 1.1 MWbringing the total installed capacity to 2.2MW of electricity and 1.9MW of hot water. The first phase of the installation was installed in May 2012. The engine will be used in the tri-generation plant, for district heating and cooling of 2,100 apartments and 50,000m² of office and commercial space across 11 high rise buildings. This takes the total installed capacity by Clarke Energy in New South Wales to over 72 MW from 58 engines, 17 of which are in Sydney.

The capital cost savings when compared to the alternative of individual plant rooms and equipment for all buildings within the precinct, as opposed to a single centralised plant reduces from 31 chillers down to seven. Those seven chillers are up to 20% more efficient, which saves on capital cost, space, reduces total power consumption and emissions.

Total Construction’s James Bolton commented ‘We endorsed our client’s selection of Clarke Energy to expand their existing installation following the success of the first phase of the project. This facility is enabling our client to make significant cost and carbon reductions for many years into the future.’

Greg Columbus, Clarke Energy Managing Director stated ‘Gas engine technology is proven to deliver significant environmental and financial benefits to commercial building applications. We are delighted to have secured the sale of this project expansion with Total Construction’.

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