Clarke Energy Australia Participates in AEP 2024 Conference and Exhibition

Clarke Energy Australia’s representatives were proud to participate in the Australian Energy Producers (AEP) Conference and Exhibition 2024, a significant event held from 20 to 23 May 2024 in Perth, Western Australia. This annual gathering, which drew over 2,000 delegates, serves as a flagship forum for energy policy debate and underscores the crucial role of gas in Australia’s cleaner energy future.

Since the last conference and exhibition in Adelaide, our industry has witnessed remarkable progress. As underscored in the opening speech by the AEP Chair, we have advanced significant nation-building gas projects that are set to supply energy domestically and internationally for decades. This progress is mirrored in the new name of the industry association, Australia Energy Producers, which signifies the industry’s evolution by venturing beyond traditional energy sources into new horizons, including hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

The theme of the 2024 Conference and Exhibition, ‘Delivering the New Energy Economy’, reaffirms our industry’s pivotal role in Australia’s future prosperity. This year’s discussions underscored the indispensable role of natural gas in ensuring reliable and affordable energy as Australia transitions to a low-emission economy. The agenda highlighted how gas supports the rollout of renewables and the development of net-zero technologies such as carbon capture and storage (CCS). Clarke Energy stands proud at the forefront of this transformation, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous energy future for Australia.

One of the AEP Panel Series titled, ‘Leading from the Front: Reducing Methane Emission from Oil and Gas Production in Australia’ provided an engaging platform for discussion and debate on a pivotal issue for the industry. As part of the Technical & Business program, this session highlighted the impact of net zero targets and new monitoring technologies on methane emissions from oil and gas operations. Panel experts discussed the conversation surrounding methane emissions, assessed the industry’s current state, and outlined necessary steps to align with emissions reduction targets and meet the industry’s, government’s, and stakeholders’ expectations.

Federal Opposition Leader, The Hon. Peter Dutton, emphasised the centrality of energy security and affordability in Australia’s energy policy debate in the Federal Opposition Address. As the nation progresses towards the next federal election, Mr Dutton outlined his vision for Australia’s energy mix, highlighting the critical role that natural gas will play in achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Clarke Energy is committed to supporting the oil and gas industry in ensuring Australia’s power supply, while actively working towards Net Zero targets with hybrid, carbon abatement and renewable energy technologies.

Participating in and supporting AEP 2024 confirms our understanding for the need of our gas-powered Jenbacher engines for grid security during the transition to decarbonisation of the Australian economy.
Representatives from Clarke Energy included Sales & Business Development Director – Michael Jones, Commercial Director – Leanne McClurg, Regional Sales Manager WA & NT – David Jose, and Senior Sales Manager ANZ & Commercial Operations APAC, INNIO – Stefan Witsch, all of whom were able to provide insights to conference delegates and exhibition attendees on Clarke Energy’s developments in the oil and gas industry and information about the company’s hybrid power solutions.

The 2024 AEP Conference & Exhibition provided a significant opportunity for oil and gas industry professionals to share ideas and discuss how the industry continues to evolve toward a cleaner energy future, and we were delighted to once again sponsor Happy Hour on Wednesday evening, providing conference and exhibition attendees a chance to network in a relaxed, social environment, with our sponsorship further demonstrating our commitment to fostering industry connections and collaborations.

Greg Columbus, Managing Director, stated:
“AEP 2024 provided, yet again, invaluable insights into our customers’ critical power needs and reinforced Clarke Energy’s position as a leader in the power solutions industry. Participating in this premier event is a key highlight of our annual calendar.”

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