Clarke Energy Participates at Renewable Energy India Expo 2023

Clarke Energy’s offices in India participated in Renewable Energy India Expo 2023, held from 4-6th October 2023 at India Expo Centre. The event, which was held in Greater Noida, State of Uttar Pradesh, saw a huge number of project developers and consultants showing interest in our biogas to power and biogas upgrading solutions.

Abhijit Rajguru – Deputy General Manager Marketing & Business Development, Clarke Energy India said,

“We were very pleased to have such an overwhelming response and would like to thank all the visitors for the interest shown in our product offerings related to both, biogas to power and biogas upgrading application. Thank you!.

In India, biogas can play an important role in India’s energy transition, ensuring energy security and affordability, enhancing entrepreneurship, providing rural employment, and boosting local economies. Transitioning to biogas can contribute to job creation for semi-skilled and skilled labour in multiple areas: waste collection, operations, construction, designing, engineering, and business development. The Government of India’s Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative has been a major driver to boost the availability of compressed biogas (CBG) for the automotive and industrial sectors.

“Although various technologies are available for CO2 removal (biogas upgradation), it is imperative that the project developers also factor in the methane slip associated, as if not addressed, higher methane slip will reduce the climate related advantages of biomethane/renewable natural gas. In addition to upgradation of biogas, Clarke Energy can offer an integrated solution utilizing part of raw biogas being generated directly (without upgrading) in Jenbacher gas engine technology to produce electricity with the intent of making the plant self-sufficient energy wise”.

If you have any questions related to biogas to power and biogas upgrading solution, please reach out to us by email at:

Once again, our sincere thanks for your time…it truly makes a difference.

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