Knowledge is Power with Clarke Energy’s Technical Training

Clarke Energy is committed to delivering the highest quality products and solutions and best levels of after-sales support to our customers, including APA, one of Australia’s leading energy infrastructure businesses.

We understand that the availability and reliability of power generating equipment is central to the efficient operation of an organisation’s plant and supports the highest levels of return on investment for our customers.  For optimum operation and maintenance of equipment, you need a dedicated team of trained staff.

APA understand this, as well, and recently invested in the professional development of eight of their technicians, enrolling them to attend the Operator Training (OPT6) and Extended Access Training (THE) at the Clarke Energy Training Centre of Excellence in Adelaide.

Clarke Energy offers specialised customer-orientated training programs for both beginners and experienced service technicians, overseen by Clarke Energy’s highly experienced Training & Commissioning Manager, Cameron Cole who is also a Certified INNIO Jenbacher Trainer.  Customers, service providers and other stakeholders can participate in our comprehensive training program in an INNIO-approved Jenbacher training centre, or directly on-site at a customer’s plant.

Cameron Cole Training & Commissioning Manager commented:
“Our training programs are developed by Jenbacher’s Global Training Centre for gas engines and focus on in-depth product knowledge, applications knowledge sharing and safety training. Our courses apply everything learned in both theoretical and practical sessions at the engine site to make sure staff are well prepared to meet the challenges of everyday operation.”

The APA Technicians received training on the operation, maintenance and technical aspects of Jenbacher’s Type 6 engines, including receiving their level 15 passwords upon successful completion of the courses.

APA Technician and course participant, Paul O’Brien said:
“The combination of technical and practical training has been invaluable.  I have gained vital skills and knowledge from the training, which I will be able to transfer to my workplace to improve the performance and efficiency of our operations.”

Another APA Technician and course participant, Adam Drinkell said,
“This course is essential to the performance of my role.  The course material and presentations slides were good and relevant to the equipment and the availability of tools and plant equipment was great for practical training.”

Clarke Energy’s specialised training programs deliver many benefits including:

  • easier and more efficient operation of equipment
  • greater safety for operators
  • technical expertise for the operation and maintenance
  • knowledge-sharing of the gas engine technology
  • practical training modules, working directly on the engines
  • customised training modules to meet individual requirements and specific engine configurations
  • multiple languages including English, German, Italian and Spanish (interpreters for other languages available on request)

Our comprehensive training programs are delivered by experienced experts and combined theoretical and practical learning in high quality training environments with small class sizes and certificates provided upon successful completion.

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