Innovative KOHLER Technology Means Boats Will Never Be Dead in the Water Again

Reliability and efficiency are mandatory when your decades-old business operates a fleet of offshore operations vessels supporting the oil and gas industries, as well as providing many other marine logistics services.

Based in Port Denison, WA, Bass Marine’s exceptional reputation has been hard-won, the result of three generations of successful marine operations across vessels equipped and maintained to a level far above minimum standards.

Managing Director George Bass proudly boasts that Bass Marine has never experienced down time for any reason apart from extreme weather. “We can’t afford to be out of action. Our extended voyage offshore operations vessel, Kuri Pearl II, can be totally self-sufficient for weeks and has bottom-sitting capabilities,” said Bass. “So, when it came to choosing generators and controllers for her refurbishment, we turned to the innovators – KOHLER – who developed the first and only marine generators with PGEN built-in paralleling controllers. That hands us enhanced versatility and reliability.”

George Bass called upon Nick Chalwell from Ches Power Group, KOHLER Marine’s dealer in Western Australia. “George came to us not only for the most advanced, most reliable generators KOHLER has ever made, but because he knew he could trust us to manage the install and provide aftersales and spare part support,” said Chalwell.

KOHLER has created the first marine generators with built-in paralleling controllers. Its innovative PGEN connection can parallel up to eight KOHLER generators of varying sizes with a single communication wire. When the first generator’s load is light, the second generator automatically drops off. When the load is heavy, the second generator automatically comes online to provide the power needed to carry the load.

Bass Marine’s vessel, the Kuri Pearl II, is now fitted with 2 x KOHLER 40EFOZDJ generators with PGEN and 2x Remote Digital Displays. But reliability is not the only reason Bass Marine chose this system. It’s also about comfort. Bass explains: “While our Kuri Pearl II is built for hard work, equally important is that she has all mod cons as onboard, because a full complement of crew and clients, can be staying at sea for weeks at a time.”

And that comfort factor goes further than just providing the hydraulic swim platform, desalination plant, reverse cycle air conditioning and home theatre system with Foxtel and multiple plasma screens.

“We need physical comfort as well, or there would be mutiny! There’s no such thing as good vibrations on our vessels. It’s the most unwelcome guest onboard,”continued Bass.

KOHLER has gone to great lengths to ensure the only thing you feel from its marine generators is peace of mind. The company’s proprietary vibration mount cushions the engine as it moves to eliminate vibration, further separating KOHLER from all other generators.

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, Ches Power Group was unable to attend the commissioning. The challenge was taken up by KOHLER and Ches and soon their trusted, knowledgeable service agent Seacat Diesel, was installing the system, on time.

Chris Leane, Clarke Energy’s South Pacific Dealer Manager, sums up why KOHLER has become the first choice for customers.  “The simplicity of synchronising two gensets with the use of PGEN, our reputation for reliability and our great dealer support network, means Bass Marine is now a repeat customer, having ordered another two KOHLER gensets for Adrianus, their sister vessel.”

Bass is confident of his businesses future and is enjoying the functionality. “I love how the new KOHLER PGEN controller has auto-transfer. If one of our generators is in trouble, the second one senses it, starts up and takes on the load automatically. We don’t lift a finger. It means our boats will never be ‘dead’ in the water. And we keep our business in business,” said Bass.

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