Full Turnkey 20MW Peaking Plant Delivered at Bancroft Generation Limited

Bancroft Generation Limited is Clarke Energy’s third project contracted by Forsa Energy to engineer, design and build 130MWe of peaking power generation.in the UK.

Bancroft Generation 20MWe peaking plant is designed to provide electricity to the National Grid at times of peak demand.

The full turnkey installation was a bespoke design and build by Clarke Energy’s engineering and projects team to fit on a limited footprint. The INNIO Jenbacher gas engines are mounted within a purpose built precast concrete enclosure, providing low noise attenuation required by planning.

“This site had logistical problems. As well as design and build, Clarke Energy’s plants are extremely durable, and offer excellent service response and high levels of engine availability”

Frank Gregson, Project Engineer, Forsa Energy

Earlier in the year the Bancroft’s site was audited as part of Clarke Energy’s Achilles accreditation and received an almost perfect score.

Aerial Footage of Bancroft Site


3D Walkthrough


Key information

Forsa Energy
Lancashire, UK
Engine Manufacturer:
Installation by:
Clarke Energy
Engine Type:
4 x J624 (4.5MW / 24.54bar BMEP)

1 x J616 (2.7MW / 22bar BMEP)

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas


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