Dakabin Landfill Gas Power Station, Australia

Due to increasing gas resources, Clarke Energy has been contracted to supply and deliver one of GE’s Jenbacher containerised 1MWe gas engines to Landfill Gas Industries (LGI) existing Dakabin landfill site. This will double the current landfill gas power station output once commissioned in early 2018. Stage 1, comprising of a single 1 MWe GE’s Jenbacher J320 containerised landfill gas engine generating set, was completed in 2015.

Generation Capacity
The high efficiency engines will produce up to 2,134 kWe at 40.2% efficiency

Principal Equipment
2 x JGC 320 GS-L.L rated at 1,067 kWe, 50Hz, 415V

General Description
The GE container solution will consist of all the ancillary components including ventilation, noise attenuation, dedicated air conditioned control room, roof mounted radiator and exhaust silencer. This will minimize onsite construction time and integration for LGI in addition to delivering class leading performance and reliability of a GE’s Jenbacher product. The station will now double its export power for local communities while reducing the site’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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