Webinar: Understanding best practice in CHP technology

Clarke Energy in conjunction with the Association for Decentralised (ADE) Energy are hosting a Webinar on 28th March 2017, focusing  on best practice in combined heat and power (CHP) technology.

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This webinar is targeted at developers and consultants involved in developing gas fuelled CHP schemes. It will cover the basics of gas engine technology and how that should be applied to best effect.

We will discuss integration of CHP systems with existing sites, plus modelling gas engines with local electrical and heat loads.

We will also consider the cutting edge technologies of trigeneration and quadgeneration that can also deliver cooling and CO2 streams.

We will explore the importance of grid synchronisation, commissioning and the maintenance of the generating sets. The Association for Decentralised Energy’s Policy Manager, Jonathan Graham will be speaking about the industry’s policy requirements. We will also investigate case studies of actual schemes that have been developed successfully in the UK and abroad.

Date/ Time:  28th March 2017, at:

London:  14:00 Lagos:   15:00
Johannesburg:  16:00 Dhaka: 20:00
Deli: 19:30 Sydney: (29th March 01:00
Paris: 15:00 Perth: 22:00
Chicago: 08:00 Dar es Salaam: 16:00

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