STP Peania Koropi Sewage Gas Plant, Greece

The project of STP Peania – Koropi is a Sewage Gas application. The project, located next to the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”, includes the collection and the transfer of the sewage water of Koropi – Peania municipalities in Attica Prefecture to the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Koropi – Paiania (Koropi WWTP), the design and the construction of the Koropi WWTP and the disposal of the treated sewage into the sea through a subsea pipeline. This project will be serving 120.000 citizens.

GENELCO Power Systems Ltd has delivered two Jenbacher biogas engines that will be installed after the construction of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The CHP plant with the two JMS 208 GS-B.L v.C225 units, will provide part of the heat and the electric power needed at the Koropi WWTP for sludge digestion and drying, contributing to more environmentally friendly operation of this plant.

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