GE’s Asset Performance Management Solution to be Deployed on More than 700 of Clarke Energy’s Assets Globally

  • Clarke Energy’s Deployment of GE’s myPlant Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution Provides Customers with Improved Reliability, Availability and Performance
  • Solution Creates a Single Source of Data, Utilising Predictive Analytics to Identify Events before They Occur, Reducing Downtime and Extending Asset Life
  • GE’s myPlant APM Solution is an Application of GE’s Digital Twin Technology, Enabling a Local Monitoring and Diagnostics Infrastructure to Remotely Calculate Plant Performance Every Day of Operation

JENBACH, AUSTRIA—GE’s Distributed Power (NYSE: GE) and Clarke Energy are working together to drive industry digitalisation through the extensive adoption of Industrial Internet solutions across Clarke Energy’s installed base of more than 3,300 of GE’s Jenbacher assets, deploying over 5.4 gigawatts in 19 countries. As part of its contractual service agreements (CSAs), Clarke Energy, an authorised distributor and service provider for GE’s Jenbacher gas and diesel engines, will connect more than 700 assets globally to GE’s myPlant Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, providing customers with improved reliability, availability and performance for GE’s Jenbacher gas engines and associated balance of plant equipment.

GE’s myPlant APM solution for power generation and gas compression plants transforms data into actionable intelligence by joining analytics with domain experts. It also will create a single source of data for all power generation and gas compression assets across the active installed fleet, utilising predictive analytics to identify issues before they occur, reducing downtime and extending asset life while still balancing maintenance costs with operation risk.

“Clarke Energy has good reason to advance its use of GE’s myPlant Asset Performance Management solution. With APM, designated Clarke Energy engineers are automatically notified about unscheduled generator stops at customer sites—such as engine trips—via text message or email,” said Anthony Hayes, group IT director at Clarke Energy. “Clarke Energy’s service engineers monitor engine performance from different locations to diagnose problems and support the operator on-site to resolve the issue, reducing site manpower requirements and increasing engine availability.”

GE’s monitoring solutions enabled with factory engineer-developed analytics are essential to using data-enabled decisions to optimise service delivery. Using data to better predict and prepare for upcoming maintenance will allow Clarke Energy to better manage inventory, enhance resource planning and execute maintenance. In the end, the customers with a Clarke Energy CSA will benefit from well-prepared maintenance events, which reduces downtime.

With the myPlant APM solution, Clarke Energy can better support the customer when unexpected issues emerge. Clarke Energy technicians can use myPlant’s predictive analytics to anticipate issues that could result in unplanned outages. The generator health analytic, for instance, will alert Clarke Energy when an issue is detected that could lead to bearing failure. By detecting and acting on such an issue early, an unplanned outage can be moved to a planned outage, reducing extensive downtime and repair costs. For example, the downtime from a generator bearing failure on a 3.3-megawatt (MW) Jenbacher J620 gas engine could range from six to eight weeks and cost $160,000 in lost revenue (depending on feed-in tariffs and downtime). In addition, Clarke Energy’s factory-certified technicians can remotely diagnose, troubleshoot and solve many issues on the Jenbacher gas engine. With remote troubleshooting, the customer avoids unnecessary costs and downtime that may result from sending a field technician to resolve a minor issue.

“The goal of GE’s Distributed Power myPlant APM solution for power generation and gas compression plants is to solve large and complex problems with ease, make real-time adjustments to the assets to increase value and put more power into the hands of the plant personnel who make critical operations, business and maintenance decisions,” said Margherita Adragna, senior general manager—services for GE’s Distributed Power. “By closely linking predictive analytics to field service activities, GE and Clarke Energy will enhance our customers’ operations—balancing availability, performance and cost.”

The myPlant APM solution is an application of GE’s Digital Twin technology. It enables a local monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure to remotely calculate plant performance every day of operation. By using GE’s myPlant APM solution, the plant, asset and/or maintenance manager can gain real-time intelligence needed for making better decisions to achieve the desired outcomes and increase the uptime of the asset. This approach distinguishes between real-time and batch algorithmic analytics.

In addition, GE and Clarke Energy are working together on analytics development and cocreation to jointly co-innovate and accelerate the development of predictive analytics for all engine types across multiple industry segments.

For more information contact:

Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Manager,
Clarke Energy
+44 7197 066242

Susanne Reichelt,
GE’s Distributed Power
+43 664 80833 2382

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