Clarke Energy Exhibiting at Energy Now 2016

energy now 2016Clarke Energy is exhibiting for the seventh year at the Energy Now Exhibition in Telford Industrial centre 10th-11th February 2016.

Energy Now continues to be the only renewables event organised exclusively for the agricultural and rural sectors, attracting farmers and landowners nationwide. A number of leading industry experts will discuss the issues facing different energy sectors in the 2 day multi-streamed conference.

Clarke Energy will be hoping to meet potential customers and offer advice and information on what we do and provide. There are various applications that farmers can supplement their income by the generation of power.  Renewable energy is economical and can earn an extra income by supplying to the national grid. The different types of gas are listed below:

Biogas Waste– Formed by anaerobic decomposition of putrescible organic material reducing carbon emissions and production of renewable power through combined heat and power (CHP).

Agricultural Waste–  Utilising organic materials found on farms to generate biogas, a renewable fuel source and in turn renewable power through CHP

Synthesis gas– Also known as Syngas is produced from a variety of materials that contain carbon, an example is wood gas (biomass).  This converts problematic waste into useful fuels.

The exhibition itself will feature more than 160 exhibitors for more information please visit Energy Now’s website.

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