Maharashtra EDA Event

Clarke Energy will be participating in the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency’s (MEDA) exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation in Nanded between the 3rd and 5th of December 2012.

Come visit Clarke Energy to learn how gas-fuelled power plants can be used to deliver reliable supplies of power. GE’s Jenbacher gas engine can operate on a range of renewable and low carbon fuels including biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, sythesis gas (producer gas) and natural gas. Also using gas engines in a cogeneration configuration, valuable energy can be conserved.

Contact MEDA for more information on the event by visiting their website here.

About Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy specialises in the engineering, installation and maintenance of gas-fuelled power plants. These plants operate on a range of renewable and low-carbon fuels including biogas, natural gas, coal seam & coal mine methane.

Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and service provider for GE Jenbacher gas engines in ten countries across the globe.

Gas engines as captive power plants can be configured as cogeneration units for combined heat and power production.


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