Waha Flare Gas Project, Tunisia

Waha, located 300km south of Djerba is the site of the first associated petroleum gas (APG) project in Tunisia. Here gas which would ordinarily be flared is converted into electricity for the surrounding facilities. The project was jointly developed by the US-based Pioneer Natural Resources and the Tunisian Government Organisation ETAP (Enterprise Tunisienne d’Activitiés Pétroliѐres).

  • Location: Waha, Tunisia
  • Operational: 2009
  • Engines: 3 x JGC 312 GS-NL
  • Fuel: Flare gas / Associated Petroleum Gas

The area where the generators are located is subject to extreme environmental conditions. This led to the enclosures being designed to resist winds of up to 180km/h, temperatures between -5◦C and 55◦C and sand-storms.

The APG which is found at the site has a methane concentration of 73% which is ideally suited to GE Jenbacher gas engines. The utilisation of the gas in engines, as opposed to flaring helps to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environmental performance of the site.

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