Moranbah North Coal Mine Methane Gas Power Station

Clarke Energy was contracted to undertake the ‘turnkey’ design and construction of the Moranbah North Power Station on behalf of EDL. The Power Station consists of 15 GE Jenbacher 3.0MWe gas engines with electrical efficiencies higher than 43%. The engines were installed in purpose built individual enclosures, each with their own engine control compartment located at one end of the enclosure. Gas pre-treatment and conditioning ensures that gas is delivered to engines in the right conditions for combustion.

The station is using coal mine methane gas from Anglo Coal’s mining operation. The properties of this gas deliver a methane level which varies from 50 – 90%. Coal mine gas is a waste gas that has a global warming potential 21 times that of Carbon Dioxide. This gas would otherwise be vented to atmosphere.

The enclosures were designed in line with GE Jenbacher’s installation guidelines and Clarke Energy’s focus on service to allow Clarke Energy’s Service Engineers easy access to the engines for all levels of maintenance. The unique range of in-house expertise, coupled with being the distributors for GE Jenbacher, is unparalleled by others in the industry. This ensures the guarantees for performance and availability offered by Clarke Energy are achieved as there is only one party involved, Clarke Energy.

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