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Hydrogen | Future Fuel for Gas Engines

Hydrogen is a fuel which is well suited as an existing and future fuel for gas engines, either directly or blended with other gases. As a zero-carbon emission energy source, “green” hydrogen can be used as a fuel in gas engines to generate electricity, heat and cooling.

INNIO Jenbacher Engines are Hydrogen Ready

INNIO Jenbacher engines are now hydrogen ready, which can be used as a fuel to generate electricity, heat and cooling. A number of Jenbacher engines are operating on currently up to 70% hydrogen.

INNIO plans to demonstrate by 2021 that their engines can run on up to 100% hydrogen and ethanol.

Combined heat and power plants can be adapted in future to meet the changing gas supply meaning, investments can be made safely for new or existing facilities.


CHP is Ready For Hydrogen

New and existing gas engines can operate on Hydrogen.

Supporting Net-Zero Transition

Hydrogen is a future fuel for the gas grid

Hydrogen Energy Storage

Hydrogen can be stored physically as either a gas or a liquid

Hydrogen (H2) is a fast burning gas with a high laminar flame speed that lacks both colour and smell. Hydrogen is a fuel which is well suited as an existing and future fuel for gas engines.

Hydrogen is classified into “green hydrogen” (a renewable gas) that produced via the electrolysis of water using surplus renewable electricity, or “blue hydrogen” that produced via steam reforming of methane whether that be derived from natural gas or renewable biomethane. Many plans link steam reforming to carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).


Hydrogen can readily be used in gas engines, either directly but more commonly blended with other gases. These can include methane (CH4) whether that be from natural gas or renewable biomethane.

Hydrogen is also commonly produced as a blend with other gases as furnace gas produced in furnaces during the production of iron, ferrochrome and other metals.

Hydrogen can be a component of syngas, produced during the gasification of organic materials.

Electrolyser to Gas Engine

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Hydrogen Blending Example


Controlled blending of H2 into CH4 up to 40% in Argentina

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Source: INNIO Jenbacher 2021

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