Renewable natural gas (RNG) or Biogas is produced via biogas upgrading. It can also be used as a renewable fuel in gas engines. Clarke Energy can provide both biogas upgrading and biogas engine technologies.

RNG Production

RNG is a sustainable fuel that is produced by biogas upgraders which remove the CO2 from biogas. RNG is produced from biogas that is derived from organic matter such as human waste / sewage, food waste, distillery waste or agricultural materials. As the carbon in this material has been recently taken from the atmosphere and is part of the short-term carbon cycle biogas and biomethane are deemed to be renewable fuels.

Figure 1: A generalized process schematic for different biogas upgrading technologies producing RNG.

RNG can also be used in peaking stations. As biomethane is a renewable fuel it can be used to balance intermittent renewable electricity to provide a fully renewable power supply.

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