Jenbacher Type-2 Engine

The Jenbacher Type-2 gas engine was introduced in 1974 and is the engine with the longest development history of the range. The 208 has 8 inline cylinders and is available at electrical output from 249kWe or 335kWe. The J208 is renowned for its robust design and highest levels of component durability. It is particularly well suited to troublesome gases such as landfill gas. The generator has a long service life, with a major overhaul not scheduled until 60,000 hours of operation. Optimized components and a provide control and monitoring concept give this engine outstanding reliability. The J208 genset, with no heat recovery, is available in a compact 20 foot container.

INNIO Jenbacher J208

INNIO Jenbacher J208


  • High electrical and thermal efficiency for maximum return on investment.
  • Robust, flexible design with high reliability on difficult gases.
  • Available as containerized ‘plug-and-play’ units for quick installation.


  • Optimized combustion for maximum efficiency.
  • Turbocharger bypass evens out extreme operating conditions.
  • High-performance, long-life spark plug for reliable operation.
  • Knocking control compensates for methane number fluctuation.
  • LEANOX® lean burn control ensures minimal emissions.
  • Compact engine control with integrated network synchronization.

Technical Specifications: J208 GS

Electrical output:
249kWe – 335kWe
No. of cylinders:
8 (arranged inline)
Lean burn principle
5.31 inch (135mm)
5.7 inch (145mm)
1500rpm (50Hz). 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Dimensions (mm):
4900 (l) x 1700 (w) x 2000 (h)
Gen-set weight:
4,900 kg


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