Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

In order to optimize the performance of a generation facility, Jenbacher gas engines can be remotely linked to centralized monitoring stations. Designated service engineers can be automatically notified about unscheduled generator stops such as engine trips via text message or e-mail.

INNIO’s myPlant® Asset Performance Management platform can drive reliability improvements with early issue detection and faster diagnostics, increased performance with advanced analytics and alerts. It can also improve productivity by requiring fewer site visits through remote issue resolution.


  • Supports faster return on investment for your gas engine
  • Reduces risk
  • Increased reliability. Faster return to service and lower unplanned downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs. Trip avoidance via remote management, early issue detection and resolution, and condition-based maintenance
  • Lower operating costs. Centralized fleet-level access to data, reduced manual data-logging, increased mobility, and automated reporting

Gas Engine Monitoring

It is possible to monitor a variety of different engine performance parameters including:

  • Whether an engine is running
  • Availability (hours ran)
  • Electrical output (kW, kWh)
  • Gas quality when linked to gas detectors (CH4, O2, H2S)

It is also possible to provide trends in historical engine performance data. Please speak to your local Clarke Energy office to determine what services are available in your area.


The cloud-based myPlant* platform allows for a new level of insight into the performance of your Jenbacher gas engine and balance of plant.

You can view operational data in real-time and access historical data, which is stored indefinitely. Historical data can be plotted and analysed within the web interface, it also is used in advanced analytics, taking advantage of the latest developments and insights from Clarke Energy and INNIO’s engineering teams to enhance asset reliability and performance. Additionally, notifications can be configured to alert you or your operators to alarms and trip conditions, operational state and analytic information.


Business Ethos – Service at the heart

Clarke Energy is committed to delivering the highest levels of after-sales support to our customers. Our view is the highest levels of equipment availability supports the highest levels of return on investment for our customers.

We achieve this by having accountable local service teams, in country OEM-approved spare parts, remote monitoring and diagnostics and local commissioning teams.

Speak to your local Clarke Energy office to learn more about remote monitoring and diagnostics.
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