Hybrid Power Solutions

Hybrid gas engines and batteries

Hybrid systems incorporating gas engines and battery energy storage system (ESS) technology can combine the benefits of the rapid power dispatch response from batteries and the long-term low-carbon or renewable power available from a gas engine.

Hybrid power plants can be designed to take on intermittent loads by discharging or charging the ESS, and without the need to maintain sufficient rotating reserve in case of an islanded system. In such plants the thermal plant runs at increased load factor and therefore higher thermal efficiency and lower primary fuel consumption. In addition, significant savings in maintenance costs can be realized as the operating hours of the plant per kW output is significantly reduced.

For grid connected plants a hybrid configuration can help avoid max demand instances and charges as well as improve resilience of the plant. In CHP applications it is possible that a thermally lead plant could time shift the power generated at a time of maximum demand to help reduce or avoid costly power imports from the grid.

Clarke Energy hybrid power plant capability

Clarke Energy can provide both gas engines only and gas engine / energy storage hybrid power solutions along with support to microgrid developers. We can also provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)  solutions for our customers, backed up by long-term maintenance agreements.

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