Demand Side Management with Gas Engines

Reduce electricity grid demand through self-generation to reduce electricity bills.

Demand-side management or demand side response is where an electricity consumer reduces their consumption of electricity from the network at specific times. A network operator may penalize an electricity consumer from drawing electricity from the grid at specific times, or based upon the maximum import of electricity from the network. Alternatively, there may be incentives to reduce their draw at peak time (peak-shaving).

Naturally the electricity networks become strained at times of peak use and must match demand with supply. In addition, electricity generation sources are moving more and more towards intermittent renewable electricity creating instability on the network.

However, being an energy consumer, the facility will still likely require power. This can be achieved with captive power plants that self-generate electricity. These could be stand alone generators such as gas engines, capable of utilising renewable fuels, that are able to rapidly start generating electricity (and heat) at times that are advantageous to manage electricity supply costs and avoid peak charges. Alternatively a customer can opt to deploy some form of microgrid, combining the benefits of self-generation with renewable electricity, such as wind and solar power, with battery energy storage systems and backed up by reliable gas fuelled generators.

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