Jenbacher Type-3 Engine

Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency in Jenbacher type 3 engines. Optimized engine components prolonging service, life even when using non-pipeline gases such as landfill gas. The Type-3 stands out in its 499 to 1,067 kWe power range due to its technical maturity and high degree of reliability.

INNIO Jenbacher J320

INNIO Jenbacher J320

Type-3 Engine Benefits

  • High electrical and thermal efficiency for maximum return on investment.
  • Robust, flexible design with high reliability on difficult gases.
  • Available as containerized ‘plug and play’ units for quick installation.

Type-3 Engine Features

  • Supercharger ensures homogeneous mixture at low gas pressures.
  • High flexibility due to two-stage mixture cooling.
  • Turbocharger bypass evens out extreme operating conditions.
  • High-performance long-life spark plug for reliable operation.
  • LEANOX®lean burn control ensures minimal emissions.
  • Compact construction allows installation in 40-foot container.


3 Series Specification


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