SAS CMV Biogas Combined Heat and Power Plant, France

In September 2015, 4 farms located in the Southern High Marned came together to operate a collective agricultural methanisation unit in Chalancey. Together, they combined to create the company SAS CMV Biogas.

Nicolas LORIMIER and its associates then successfully inaugurated their first agricultural methanisation unit, recovering more than 15,940 tonnes of waste (livestock effluents) per year. To recover its 150 Nm3/h of biogas, SAS CMV Biogaz chose a combined heat and power (CHP) solution from Clarke Energy. The INNIO Jenbacher JMC 420 engine installed simultaneously produces electricity and heat for the plant.

The electricity generated is sold to EDF under a BG11 contract. The heat is used by a local contractor to dry wooden logs and by associated farmers to dry grain. Building on this success SAS CMV Biogaz decided to increase the size of anaerobic digestion facility, by collecting more wastes, producing 600 N3/h of additional biogas.

Clarke Energy has been selected and is responsible for design, supply and installation of this CHP plant expansion. Our know-how, guarantees of result, quality of service coupled with the robustness of our BIOPACK 1500 solution, where the decisive criteria to meets the requirements of the experienced CHP farmers.

In 2016, SAS CMV Biogaz was able to benefit from a 5-years extension on its BG11 feed-in tariff contract, extending the end date of this contract to 2035. This allows the new engine installed in 2019 to be upgrade during its entire service life in application of its 30/60 maintenance plan. In selecting Clarke Energy for its maintenance contract, SAS CMV Biogaz will benefit from 70 service technicians spread over France who are INNIO Jenbacher experts,  and from an adjusted average availability of more than 97% determined in the Clarke Energy biogas methanisation fleet in 2018.

SAS CMV Biogaz is a reference in the achievement and optimization of a site which produce and recover biogas, by treating regional agricultural wastes.

Key information

SAS CMV Biogas Agricultural Methanisation
Electrical.: 1489 kWe
Thermal : 882 kWth
Chalancey (52), France
October 2019
Design & Installation:
Clarke Energy
Engine Manufacturer:
INNIO Jenbacher
Engine Type:
1 x JMC 420 B28
Gas Type
30/60 Preventive & Curative


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