Successful Gas to Energy Power Solutions Workshop Held in India

To foster knowledge exchange regarding gas-to-energy power solutions utilizing INNIO Jenbacher gas engine technology for both continuous base load and standby duty, Clarke Energy’s offices in India hosted a “Gas to Energy Power Solutions” Workshop on April 10, 2024 at Hotel Radisson Blue MBD, Noida.

Clarke Energy's Gas to Energy Power Solutions Workshop. Speaker is on the stage delivering the presentation to a room full of Jenbacher engine users.

During the event, Punit Garg, Managing Director Clarke Energy India & Bangladesh, extended a warm welcome to all the industry partners and said:

“Clarke Energy is operating in 27 countries, with 34 years of extensive experience and expertise in providing comprehensive distributed power solutions. With a strong partner in Jenbacher providing world-class technology, we’ve been able to meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. With our service offerings, we’ve been helping industries maximize their productivity, limiting interruptions and providing safe, operational facilities. The after-sales service framework we offer ensures that all maintenance activities are scheduled and performed safely and correctly. With the Indian government setting the ambitious target of becoming net-zero carbon by 2070 or earlier, Clarke Energy are already looking to the future with new technologies that can support the decarbonization of power networks. Jenbacher gas engines can be fueled by numerous low-carbon or renewable fuels, including pipeline gas, biogas, biomethane and are even able to operate on up to 100% hydrogen. Clarke Energy offers a range of installations which provide a variety of environmental benefits that can help reduce our customers’ carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency”.


Anant Kankanwadi, Director Sales & Marketing Clarke Energy India said:

“We, Clarke Energy, have been operating in India’s geographical area since 1997, providing bespoke end-to-end solutions for gas-based captive generation, cogeneration and trigeneration power plants. We’ve supplied Jenbacher gas engines for both continuous base load application, and emergency/standby duty. The share of natural gas in India’s primary energy basket remains marginal, meaning the probability of India becoming a gas-based economy by 2030 is low. India has implemented progressive policies in the gas sector, but production and consumption trends in the last decade are not very encouraging. In the last few years, considering the prevailing natural gas pricing and utilization policy in India, use of natural gas for captive power generation and cogeneration applications has been limited to the oil & gas industry players. However, by adopting resilient, sustainable alternatives for emergency backup power industries, we can work towards greener operations.  At a time of growing concerns about climate change and the intense impact it poses on operations, industries have come to rely on emergency generators using natural gas, which is among the cleanest of fossil fuels. Burning natural gas makes permitting easier as it emits lower greenhouse emissions than its diesel counterpart. Natural gas also is cheaper than diesel, and Jenbacher generators can meet the industry standard of quick startup time for emergency power. Also, if natural gas is promoted as a fuel for providing power at short notice (flexible power) with costs reflected in tariffs, the offtake of gas for power generation may increase, and we as an organization are solution ready for the capacity market.”

Attendees of the Gas to Energy Power Solutions Workshop in India discuss the presentation with Managing Director for Clarke Energy India & Bangladesh, Punit Garg

The presentation from Jenbacher’s subject matter expert (SME), shared information and insights on topics such as gas engine product range, benefits of using the technology, and efficiency enhancement programs implemented on various engines. Attendees were informed that, with the tightening of emissions regulations and the growing emphasis on CO2-neutral power solutions, the use of hydrogen (H2) as a fuel would see a rapid increase. INNIO Jenbacher is poised to deliver hydrogen-ready power plants, enabling a seamless transition to CO2– free operations when hydrogen becomes more readily available. Notably, the Jenbacher fast-start J620 natural gas generator stands out for its rapid start-up time, making it ideal for critical applications like data centers.


The Gas to Energy Power Solutions Workshop was a great success – thanks to all those who attended for your enthusiastic participation! We couldn’t have had such a fantastic time without you.


Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can help your business move towards a more sustainable energy future.

Attendees discuss the presentation at the Clarke Energy Gas to Energy Power Solutions Workshop in India.

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