Sanamethan’s Innovative Carbon Negative Biogas and CO2 Recovery Plant Provided By Clarke Energy

  • SAS Sanamethan’s biogas upgrading plant to upgrade biogas to biomethane for injection into gas grid and in parallel recovery of renewable carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Clarke Energy has supplied a Tecno Project Industriale (TPI) 3-stage biogas upgrading solution with a recovery unit to recover liquid renewable CO2 along with gas treatment equipment.
  • Project will support the decarbonisation of the gas grid which has the potential to be a carbon negative energy solution by reducing CO2 up to 4 000 tons CO2 equivalent per year.

Clarke Energy has secured the sale to install a biogas upgrading and CO2 recovery solution to Sanamethan at Vraignes-en-Vermandois in northern France. Sanamethan’s anaerobic digestion plant treats biomass sustainably to produce a methane rich biogas which will be upgraded using a 3-stage membrane system to grid quality renewable biomethane gas. The separated CO2 from the biogas will be recovered as renewable CO2 then converted into a liquid.

Sanamethan began its operations in May 2007 and has an innovative green gas production project. The new plant is located at Vraignes-en-Vermandois about 10km east of the River Somme and 150km north of Paris. The site will use an anaerobic digester to produce a methane rich biogas from green waste and biomass from nearby agri-food industries.

 The TPI biogas upgrading membrane equipment supplied by Clarke Energy can deliver 409Nm3/h of biomethane “Type H” at a pressure of 11barg for injection in the GRT Gas transport network. In addition, the customer will recover the 460kg/h of separated CO2 from the process in liquid form.

Aurel Hiron, Innovations and New Technology Projects, Clarke Energy France commented:
“We are delighted to be able to support this innovative project not only for assisting in the decarbonisation of local gas grids, but also resourcefully support the reduction of emissions by 5,350kt CO2 equivalent per year. Depending upon the end use of CO2, this could actively reduce CO2 in the atmosphere”

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