The First Algerian – British Energy Forum

Banner for the first Algerian-British Energy Forum

The First Algerian-British Energy Forum – Sustainable Partnership in Renewables & Energy Efficiency takes place today at the Hilton Hotel in Algiers.

The conference investigates opportunities for appropriate solutions to climate change and evaluates how the UK and Algeria can work together to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2030 Algeria plans to invest $60US billion to produce 22 ,000 MW of electricity from solar, wind and geothermal sources. By 2030, 40% of Algeria’s electricity production for domestic market will be generated from renewable energy sources. Clarke Energy is a specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of low carbon and renewable gas fuelled cogeneration plants. Applications for these combined heat and power plants include biogaslandfill gas and sewage gas. These renewable power forms have the added benefit of providing base load consistent power, unlike solar, wind and tidal, which typically only produce electricity when the wind blows or sun shines.

The programme is being led by Algeria’s Renewable Energy Development Programme (REDP) which aims to meet the country’s growing domestic demand and to preserve fossil resources to free up gas for export. Also, Algeria wants this programme to be a lever for economic and social development, particularly through the establishment of wealth and job-creating industries.

The REDP remains under the exclusive responsibility of the Energy Ministry that designated the state-owned gas and electricity distribution company Sonelgaz to exclusively lead the REDP. At a recent Algerian trade delegation to the UK, the CEO of  Sonelgaz visited a landfill gas power plant installed by Clarke Energy in the UK (see Sonelgaz Infinis site visit)

The UK and Algerian Governments signed an Energy Roadmap MoU in 2010 aimed at enhancing cooperation (on institutional cooperation, renewables and low carbon technology, energy efficiency, health and safety and energy access).

Visit the UKTI Website here.

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