Clarke Energy Australia and East Coast Generators Powers Beyond the Valley Music Festival

Clarke Energy Australia’s Channel Partner, East Coast Generators, recently partnered with the Beyond the Valley Music Festival to provide essential backup power solutions for the festival’s main performance stage, using Kohler Rental Company’s range of generators.

Clarke Energy and East Coast Generators have partnered for over five years, with Clarke Energy providing a large fleet of high-quality Kohler diesel gensets for their commercial sales and growing rental range through their subsidiary company, Generator Rentals Australia. East Coast Generators is a family owned and operated business, based in Melbourne and pride themselves on providing the highest standards of customer service, offering 24-hour support to ensure seamless operations.

Beyond the Valley Music Festival drew over 35,000 attendees[1] over the New Year weekend, spanning from 28th December 2023 to 1st January 2024. The festival showcased globally acclaimed artists Rufus Du Sol, British Rapper Central Cee, Australian DJ and producer Mall Grab, G Flip, and more. Given the festival’s national recognition, ensuring uninterrupted power was vital. With this in mind, the organisers chose the reliable Kohler Rental Compact range of generators as a backup solution.

Features of the Kohler Rental Compact Generators include:

  • Compact and Modular Design: Easy to transport and versatile in various settings.
  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand harsh conditions and ensure durability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Enhanced ease of use and accessibility for maintenance.
  • Maintenance Convenience: Simplified access to components for servicing.
  • Enhance Safety Features: Designed with user and equipment safety in mind, featuring protective measures.
  • Shock Resistance: Equipped to handle physical stresses and impact during transport and use.
  • Technical Innovations: Incorporating the latest technological advancements for improved performance and reliability.

The Kohler Rental Compact range of generators has been designed to accommodate the unique challenges of the rental market. With high-quality features including durability, ease of transport, user-friendly maintenance, and safety, these generators are crafted to withstand demanding rental conditions.

Built with strong materials, when in use, these generators are dependable and functional, meeting the demanding requirements of rental equipment. As a result, these generators can be used for various purposes and situations, offering a reliable power source wherever and whenever needed.

Clarke Energy, a KOHLER Company, provides dedicated service and parts support throughout the South Pacific 24/7, and is a multi-award-winning global business specialising in the engineering, installation, and maintenance of distributed power generation solutions. Clarke Energy provides distributed power plant solutions with market leading engineering, installation, and maintenance support.

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