Clarke Energy Celebrates India’s Republic Day

January 26, which is marked as Indian Republic Day is a prominent national festival celebrated every year to commemorate the day when the constitution came into effect back in 1950. It calls for a celebration nationwide. Everyone gathers and expresses their love for the country by celebrating the day with Flag hoisting, decorations, and more activities. The celebrations in Clarke Energy’s offices in India started a day prior with cubicles being decorated representing colourful India. Under the theme “People of India”, many employees had dressed up in traditional dresses representing various states of the country.

In addition, HR department planned numerous exciting events to hunt down some recreation at our workplace. Republic Day is a spirited and fun holiday, evoking a strong sense of pride and patriotism. Mr. Vijay Thorat from Sales department says: “Celebrating India Republic Day makes me proud of being an Indian. India is “Unity in diversity” with every state having its own cultural heritage and tradition. Every place in India differs in customs, religion, food, language, traditions, and philosophy and we, this year tried to capture one aspect of it under the theme “People of India” and i.e., clothing”.

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