First Biogas Upgrading Installation at Perpignan Sewage Plant in France

Clarke Energy supplied and installed our first biogas upgrading plant at a waste water/sewage treatment plant (STEP) in Perpignan, France. The membrane treatment technology used upgrades biogas produced from sewage to biomethane and this is the first in project in the French region of Occitania and the Mediterranean Arc. The renewable gas that is produced is injected into the local gas distribution network

The City of Perpignan decided to upgrade its biogas from sewage treatment plant sludge, to produce biomethane, a renewable gas with the same characteristics as natural gas. Perpignan placed a call for tender for the project, which Clarke Energy replied with a membrane purification platform.


The turnkey biogas upgrading solution installed by Clarke Energy provides treatment, preparation and purification of biogas, guaranteeing a purification rate of 99% and a CH4 rate of 97%. The first cubic metres of biomethane have been injected into the GRDF network and the unit can provide the equivalent of the annual consumption of 1,200 homes.

187Nm3/h of biogas are: dehydrated, desulphurised, filtered, compressed and finally purified; allowing a production of 122 Nm3/h of biomethane. This renewable gas, which meets GRDF requirements, is then injected on the distribution network.

Perpignan entrusted the maintenance of the biogas upgrading plant to Clarke Energy and the operation to Véolia, for a extendable period of 5 years. Clarke Energy are committed to a strong performance guarantee and service availability, with the facility being supported by remote monitoring, facilitating the highest levels of availability from the platform and gains in operating costs.

Key information

City of Perpignan
Primary Energy: 
187 Nm3/h of biogas to 60% of CH4 from WTP sludges
Purification rate: 99% guarantee
Biomethane quality : 97% CH4 guarantee
 Perpignan (66) France
September 2017
Membrane Evonik©
Installation by:
Clarke Energy
Output Power: 
7.5 million kWh



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