Clarke Energy at the African Mining Indaba

mining indaba 2016 Clarke Energy is attending the African Mining Indaba from 8th – 11th February 2016 in Cape Town, and will be participating in the UK Pavilion.

Clarke Energy will be there to discuss energy efficient and cost effective technologies for the power generation in mines. These include gas to power technology utilising GE’s Jenbacher gas engine portfolio. Using gas as a fuel source can deliver significant cost savings to other fuels that many other African industries are making use of. Where there is no access to pipeline natural gas then utilising compressed or liquified natural gas may be an option. In West Africa some mine sites are already utilising CNG for power generation.

Coal mines in particular may have ready access to gas in the form of coal mine gas or coal bed methane (CBM). Clarke Energy has extensive international experience in gas to power from CBM.

Clarke Energy will also be presenting GE’s new high efficiency diesel engine concept that is based upon the Jenbacher 616 engine. This engine can deliver significant fuel and operational cost savings where diesel is the fuel of choice in the locality.

Come speak to Clarke Energy at the UK Pavilion to discuss your mining sector power generation requirements.


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