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Sabar Dairy

Sabar Dairy

Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producers Union started in 1964, and has progressed to a fully integrated milk processing organisation involved in reception, pasteurisation, condensing, chilling and the supply of milk & milk products. The organisation is one of the biggest co-operative milk producers unions in India and has shown robust growth over the years.

The operations of Sabarkantha District Co-operative Milk Producers Union are managed from various locations of Sabarkantha district. In total, 18,00,000 litres of raw milk collected from around 1,500 villages is utilised in producing pasteurised milk, butter, dahi, paneer, ghee, khoa, shrikhand, butter milk, milk powder (baby food) and more.

To meet Sabar Dairy’s reliable on-site power supply, they selected Clarke Energy to install 1 x JMS 420 GS-NL GE’s Jenbacher gas engine at their Himmatnagar dairy plant. The natural gas genset supplies electricity to dairy’s refrigeration, compressor, shrikhand and pouch units. Using a clean source of fuel such as natural gas, the gas genset has enabled the dairy to meet it’s energy needs consistently.

The gas genset is periodically maintained by Clarke Energy. Long service intervals, ease in maintenance and reliability of Jenbacher technology results higher uptimes & better load flexibility.

At the site, recovery of waste heat from the natural gas engine is under planning. Utilising the energy stored in natural gas in different forms of power and cooling from the waste heat shall increase the CHP plant efficiency significantly.

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