Dedham Health & Athletic Complex Select 150kW CoEnergy America CHP Unit


As DHAC’s business has grown over the years, the property has needed multiple renovations and expansions, and recently through a comprehensive energy efficiency project, the old boilers were replaced and a CHP system was installed.

An Amerigen 8150 CHP was placed in the parking lot adjacent to the facility’s primary boiler room. Two separate heating loops were installed to interface with the building’s two separate hot water systems. The waste heat from the cogen is used to pre-heat the boilers, domestic hot water and for pool heating. The CHP system thermally follows the operations of the facility.

Co-Energy America installed the necessary thermal, electrical, and gas metering for DHAC to participate in the MA APS Program. This program enables the CHP to generate revenue for the facility owner, so the Co-Energy 150kW unit is generating both utility savings and revenue for Dedham Health & Athletic.

Co-Energy outdoor container units fit in a single parking space, saving valuable indoor space. Also, they can be modified to look like an outbuilding.


Dedham Health & Athletic Complex is a 199,000 square foot facility focused on fitness, medical and family services, and outdoor activities. The facility includes gym space, exercise studios, indoor tennis courts, two swimming pools, a basketball court, a racquetball court, an indoor track, kids activity areas, and physical and massage therapy areas.

Units Installed

– 150kW / Installed 2015

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