British Tomato Growers Association Conference 2015

Tomato Conference The Tomato Growers’ Association event will take place 23rd -24th September at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire.

There will be an Energy seminar during the afternoon of 23rd September and an eclectic mix of speakers and topics on the main programme on the 24 September. Their aim is to emphasise and reassure consumers that their growing methods are both natural and complementary to the product and to the environment, as well as advising them of the health benefits of tomatoes in peoples diets.

Clarke Energy will be there to give a talk on the greenhouse growing method with Combined Heat and Power CHP. Greenhouse’s can use CHP in order to provide heat, carbon dioxide and power to help the tomatoes grow. Surplus power can often be sold into the local electricity grid.

The gas engines  Clarke Energy engineer install and maintain are highly efficient at providing the stimulus for the growth of plants, whilst in parallel providing a flexible supply of electrical power. Heat, light and carbon dioxide (CO2) all promote plant growth.

If you would like to attend or want more information on Clarke Energy’s talk please contact Alex Marshall on 0151 546 4446 or alternatively email

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