Plessis Gassot’s Landfill Gas Power Plant Linked to District Energy

Clarke Energy replied to a call for tenders launched in 2009 by the Véolia Propreté group, who wanted to replace their steam turbine and three steam boilers installed on the ISDND plant in Plessis Gassot. Veolia will to implement a larger and more electrically efficient system for landfill gas treatment and thus increase its energy generation (from 12 MW to 17 MW). A delivery team, consisting of Clarke Energy, GRS Valtech and Dalkia, was created in order to optimise the implementation of the design, construction and exploitation of the landfill gas power plant.


All 3 companies had a specific role:

  • Operation of the power plant, electricity grid and thermal recovery. (Dalkia)
  • Provision of biogas processing line. (GRS Valtech)
  • Clarke Energy providing, installation and commissioning for 10 Jenbacher gas engines from GE.

A milestone for Clarke Energy

  • 17 MW installed
  • 10 of GE’s ‘Jenbacher’ gas engines installed by Clarke Energy
  • First Type 6 landfill gas engines installed in France
  • First J620 engines in soundproof enclosure with engine enclosure with engine auxiliary integration. Design and engineered by Clarke Energy
  • First landfill gas power plant linked to district energy scheme for Clarke Energy.

All Type 6 engines benefitted from Clarke Energy’s know-how through the installation of enclosures, the benefits being:

  • Light structure
  • Acoustic performance
  • Simple design
  • Less costly implementation compared to civil engineering

Clarke Energy’s installations meet the highest standards for energy and environmental performance. This installation will increase the energy output of the plant with increased electrical efficiency and will thus reach 40% against a the original 22%. This is the first installation in France of GE’s Jenbacher Type 6 engines working on landfill gas stations. Plessis Gassot is an upgradable plant for our client, as it will be possible to increase the energy output of the 620 engines from 2,750 kWe to 3,000 kWe. Plessis Gassot is one of Clarke Energy’s most powerful biogas installation in Europe. It works in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) configuration meaning that excess heat created during the process of electricity generation, will also be used to heat the local area. The district energy scheme for Plessis Gassot is a milestone within the French renewable sector. For this ambitious project, all internal departments were appealed to at Clarke Energy; sales department, design department, projects department and maintenance & service department.

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