Women’s and Children’s Hospital Trigeneration Plant – Adelaide, SA

Scope Of Work

Clarke Energy undertakes planned maintenance and provides technical support as required on behalf of the hospital. The engine was installed prior to Clarke Energy obtaining the exclusive distributorship for GE Jenbacher in 1998.

Site Description

The installation of the combined heat and power & cooling (trigeneration) plant has resulted in a significant cost saving for the hospital as well as a reduction to their greenhouse gas contributions by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by at least 1,000 tonnes per year. This project is an ideal example of a case study, as the unit operates for 24 hours per day 7 days per week and is monitored for availability, proving without doubt the outstanding performance you can expect from a GE Jenbacher system supported by Clarke Energy.

  • 2.4MWe
  • 3 x GE Jenbacher JMS 316 GS-N.L

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Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide

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