Melbourne Water’s, Werribee Wastewater Treatment Plant, Victoria, Australia

The GE Jenbacher generator runs on sewage gas (a type of biogas) produced from the sites anaerobic digesters. The generator is connected, via an integrated 415V circuit panel to step-up transformer. High voltage electricity is exported via transformers to provide base load power to Melbourne Water. The plant is designed to supply Melbourne Water with its electrical requirements. The engine/container package is designed to maintain full output to and including 400C. The generators are installed an acoustically lined building that also houses the engine control room in a separate room. The building and remaining plant is enclosed within a fenced compound. The station can be monitored and controlled utilizing the SCADA system.

Sewage Gas Generation Equipment

  • 4 x GE Jenbacher JGS 320 GS-B.L at 1,065kWe, 50Hz – Engines are coupled to Stamford brushless rotating field alternators.
  • 2 x GE Jenbacher JGS 320 GS-B.L at 1,065kWe, 50Hz engines are installing to expand the site capacity based on additional sewage gas production

Gas Engine Operation & Maintenance

Clarke Energy provide AGL with complete operation and maintenance for the installation under a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Contract with AGL, which includes operation and maintenance of the gas conditioning equipment & H2S scrubbers.

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