PDM Group Anaerobic Digestion Plant and Jenbacher Gas Engines

In 2011 Clarke Energy installed two GE’s Jenbacher JGMC 420 GS-BL gas engines and exhaust steam boiler for PDM Group. The generators are configured for cogeneration and are integrated with the ReFood anaerobic digestion facility developed by PDM Group and Saria and located in Doncaster. The generators produce 2.8MW of renewable energy, with the exhaust gas being used to produce over 1,600 kg/hr of steam. Hot water from the generator cooling system are used to heat the digestion facility and pasteurise the incoming food waste.

The ReFood facility has been designed by the Danish biogas plant company Bigadan. The plant processes commercial food waste, generates renewable energy for the local area and in parallel provides steam to PDM Group’s existing operations.

The Doncaster plant is able to recycle around 45,000 tonnes of food waste each year and produces 2.8MWh of renewable electricity and heat helping to provide a sustainable solution for some of the millions of tonnes of food waste generated across the UK food chain each year. ReFood offers all business across the food chain, from large industrial food processors to small fish and chips shops, a unique, high quality, food waste collection and recycling service. ReFood’s ‘bin swap’ offering means that a full bin will be exchanged for a cleaned and sanitised one.

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