Bethany Health Care Center Select CHP System for Critical Care Facility


In addition to high utility bills, Bethany Health Care Center was regularly plagued with brown-outs (power shortages from the electricity grid). For a critical care facility, attempting to operate during such brownouts is very difficult and dangerous. As a result, Co- Energy America designed and installed a 150 kW combined heat and power system at the facility. The highly efficient CHP unit increased the facility’s energy independence and reduced its carbon footprint.

Before the CHP project Bethany was operating three large boilers year round which were oversized for the needs of the facility in the summer. The CHP avoids the cost of running these inefficient boilers in the summer. Co-Energy’s CHP system provides 60% of the facility’s electricity and 100% of its hot water needs resulting in estimated $125,000 in annual savings.

“The grid was stretched and our brown-outs were regular. We realized that if we could make our own electricity, we would avoid these disruptions and save money for our client, too,” said Jim Agrir, General Manager of Hospitality and Building Services and project manager.


Bethany Health Care Center is an award-winning skilled nursing facility providing professional, compassionate care. The facility has 169 beds and provides services ranging from short and long term rehabilitation, Alzheimers care and hospice.

Units Installed

– 150 kW / Installed December 2008

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