Montreuil su BarseThe landfill site in Montreuil sur Barse is operated by VALEST in association with ONYX. This site is one of many schemes by the ONYX group.

The plant produces 7400 MWhe per year, which is an equivalent of 1,600 tons of petroleum.

The Jenbacher JGC 320 GS-L.L. container of the Jenbacher group produces electricity by utilising biogas from the landfill site. The connected load of the alternator is 1,049kW for an input of 2,692kW PCI at full load, which is an electrical output of 39%.

The installation will be used to full capacity for more than 15 years. The produced electricity will be sold on to EDF. At the beginning of 2006 the installation had reached a total of 25,000 operating hours.

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