In engleza: Celebrating National Engineers Week at Clarke Energy

In February 2024, we celebrated National Engineers Week, which served as a significant moment for Clarke Energy to spotlight the dedication and ingenuity of our engineering team. Our engineers from various regions worldwide shared their insights and perspectives, showcasing their passion for driving sustainable solutions.


From North Africa to India, the United States to Romania, our engineers exemplify innovation and commitment. Karim Kadri, our service engineer in North Africa, emphasizes the everyday impact of engineering, with Amit Deshpande, our Design Engineering Manager in India, leads in utilising clean energy sources. For the United States, Stephen McGiveron, our Engineering Manager, reflects our commitment to talent development. Apprentice and budding engineer Shaun Salinas symbolises the future, and Mirela Ionescu in Romania showcases our dedication to client support.


Their stories not only illustrate our commitment to engineering excellence but also inspire us to continue toward a sustainable future. As we reflect on National Engineers Week, we invite you to explore the valued insights of our engineers below, as they contribute to Clarke Energy’s ongoing success.


“National Engineers Week isn’t just about grand designs and lofty innovations. As a Service Engineer at Clarke Energy, I see the impact of engineering every day – keeping the lights on, the engines running, and communities powered. It’s a privilege to be part of that, and a constant reminder of why I love this profession.”

­Karim Kadri – Field Service Engineer, Algeria


At Clarke Energy, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a purpose-driven company. I’m passionate about assisting industries in selecting the best solutions for their needs, particularly in transitioning to clean energy sources like biogas. It’s rewarding to contribute to optimising energy consumption, while making a positive impact on the environment.

Amit Deshpande – Design Engineering Manager, India


Empower innovation, cultivate collaboration, and engineer a sustainable future. As we celebrate National Engineers Week, let’s construct teams that not only build solutions for today but also pave the way for a greener, more resilient tomorrow.

Stephen McGiveron – Engineering Manager, USA


As an apprentice, I’ve had the privilege of learning from seasoned professionals, contributed my own ideas to projects, and gained invaluable hands-on experience across the UK and Ireland. Clarke Energy has been instrumental in nurturing my skills and passion for engineering, paving the way for an exciting career.

Shaun Salinas, Project Engineer Apprentice, UK


I have a background in Mechanical Engineering and am consequently a problem solver with great attention to detail. These qualities and my desire to learn about engines and new technologies have led to my growth at Clarke Energy. I’m proud to know that our quality services reach our clients daily.

Mirela Ionescu – Technical Support Engineer, Romania


It’s been a rewarding career and an amazing experience delivering various power plant projects end to end and meeting our customers’ energy needs with customised & cost-effective solutions. I am proud to be part of a team that solves actual energy problems.

Basil Ekeke – Project Engineer, Nigeria


As National Engineers Week is here, I recalled memories from my childhood relating to my passion for fixing things. My journey at Clarke Energy has contributed towards my growth, and is constantly expanding my views on sustainable energy solutions. I am filled with a sense of purpose to continuously improve myself.

Chigozie Egwu – Junior Service Engineer, Nigeria

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