In engleza: Out With The Old, In With The New For TasWater Sewage Treatment Plant

Clarke Energy Australia recently provided a KOHLER KV550C2 generator with a FD02 fuel tank to our channel partner, DEMAN, who modified and supplied it for TasWater at its sewage treatment plant, in Devonport, Tasmania.

DEMAN has been a trusted and respected diesel engine dealer in, Tasmania for almost 30 years, providing exceptional service across marine, mining, and industrial engineering industries within the region.

TasWater’s sewage treatment plant, located near the rocks adjacent to Bass Strait, is exposed to prevalent weather conditions such as driving rain, wind, and surf spray, resulting in a hostile environment.

Requiring a solution that would address the harsh coastal conditions, TasWater’s scope of work and specification called for a 316 stainless steel canopy and exhaust system, the fitting of thermistors and incorporating anti-condensation heaters in addition to applying an ALO6 Type Impregnation coating on the windings as recommended by DEMAN.

To ensure the longevity of the product, Clarke Energy Australia took an innovative approach, and custom-built the generator. To further enhance the generator’s durability in the challenging site conditions, wind shields were designed and fitted to the enclosure air inlets by DEMAN, along with a sealed crank case ventilation system effectively preventing the entry of harsh weather conditions and corrosive saltwater spray.

Furthermore, both the interior and exterior surfaces received a Nyalic coating, providing an additional layer of protection against the relentless elements.

Prior to installation, TasWater representatives attended DEMAN’s workshop where the generator underwent rigorous load testing to ensure its reliability. Additionally, DEMAN facilitated a portion of their SAT testing on the Kingfisher RTU at their workshop, streamlining TasWater’s commissioning process and reducing on-site transition time.

TasWater deeply valued Clarke Energy and DEMAN’s innovative approach and commitment to ensuring the longevity of the generator’s lifecycle.

Peter Kapeller, DEMAN Business Manager, states:
“For both DEMAN and Clarke Energy, our focus on the asset lifecycle has been a pivotal element in this project’s success, ensuring the generator’s availability, reliability, and durability even in the most hostile environment. This approach has not only satisfied, but delighted our customer, affirming our partnership with Clarke Energy, and the quality of our combined efforts. Together, DEMAN and Clarke Energy have forged a path defined by ingenuity, flexibility, and responsiveness, providing our clients with solutions that meet their unique requirements.”

Clarke Energy’s Sales and Business Development Director, Michael Jones, welcomed TasWater to Clarke Energy’s client base and looks forward to supporting them in the future.

“It was a pleasure to work with DEMAN to support TasWater and provide them with a reliable and proven KOHLER generator that will withstand the challenging climate conditions. DEMAN continue to prove themselves to be a very capable organisation that have won Kohler projects that require a level of expertise not all have. We certainly appreciate having them as a Channel Partner.”

Clarke Energy’s KOHLER generators are renowned for their unwavering dependability, efficient design, usability, adaptability, and longevity. Crafted to provide reliable power across various applications including standby, prime, and black start, KOHLER generators offer a broad spectrum of power outputs, ranging from 9kVA to 4500kVA and can be tailored to unique requirements.

To enhance performance and ensure an exceptional user experience, an array of optional features and accessories are available, making KOHLER generators a versatile and top-performing choice.

At Clarke Energy, we have direct access to the latest KOHLER training and developments, which we then pass on directly to our channel partners.

We firmly believe we can add value at every stage of the product lifecycle, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and solutions, and the best levels of after-sales support to our customers.

To find out more about Clarke Energy’s KOHLER Diesel Gensets, contact us today.


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